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Black Christians in an ‘Adulterous’ Relationship With Obama, Says Evangelical Pastor

Written By: - May• 23•12

By Paul Stanley , Christian Post Reporter
May 17, 2012|2:31 pm

An influential African-American evangelical pastor says that many black Christians are in an “adulterous” relationship with President Obama over the issue of same-sex marriage and that if the issue is not addressed soon, it will negatively impact the president’s desire for a second term in November.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., who is the senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Baltimore, Md., and one of the nation’s most outspoken black pastors, maintains that Obama has drawn a hard line on major theological issues such as same-sex marriage and expects black Christians to compromise their beliefs.

“Obama laid down the gauntlet on black leaders,” Jackson said. “The question we are being forced to address is ‘are you going to be black or be godly.’”

And Jackson is not alone in his sentiments.

On Thursday, a group of black ministers calling themselves the Coalition of African-American Pastors, many of whom represent the nation’s fifth largest denomination, the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), are holding a press conference in Memphis, Tenn., to call on Obama to denounce his position on same-sex marriage.

The Rev. Bill Owens is a veteran of the civil rights movement and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and other noted civil rights leaders during the peak of the movement in the 1960s. He believes Obama’s evolution on the issues will have far-reaching effects on society and specifically in the black community.

“We ask President Obama to stand with the black church, on the word of God and evolve again back to the common sense biblical view that marriage is the union of husband and wife.”

When asked if Obama’s “evolution” on the issue of same-sex marriage was surprising, Owens said “no.”

“The reason it didn’t surprise me was because President Obama is ‘political.’ But as pastors and members of the body of Christ, we’re disappointed – very disappointed.”

Bishop Jackson also said Obama’s announcement that he now supports same-sex marriage was nothing new.

“I realized Obama was for same-sex marriage from the very beginning of his political career,” said Jackson. “Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s former pastor) has been performing same-sex ‘commitment services’ for years. Obama has been exposed to this belief for years and has demonstrated time and time again that he does not believe that homosexuality is a sin. Actions speak much louder than words.”

Yet the issue of exactly where black Christians stand on the subject of same-sex marriage is what Democratic pundits and Obama campaign advisers want to know. In other words, will Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage impact voter turnout in the African-American community and ultimately, the November elections?

Both Jackson and Owens say the answer to that question is “yes.” Jackson outlined the issue by putting black Christians into three general categories.

1) Black Christians who are in a state of denial. This group thinks President Obama was forced to cave to political pressure from homosexual activists in order to win a second term. Jackson describes this group as “nominal Christians.”
2) Black Christians who feel betrayed in the faith by the relation and will either not vote for Obama or protest by not going to the polls at all. This group could cause the Obama campaign to lose in some key battleground states such as Ohio and North Carolina.
3) Black Christians who are so angry with President Obama that they are planning to vote for the Republican nominee, which will most likely be former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“The black community is in an adulterous relationship with President Obama,” Jackson said. “He is asking us to stray from the most basic tenets of Scripture – that marriage is an institution made by God for man and woman to become one and procreate. He’s telling us it’s fine to hold onto our beliefs but that it’s also okay to accept his stance on a position that goes against that core belief.”

“This is no different than a married person having a relationship with someone other than their spouse,” said Jackson.

Jackson, like Owens, recognizes that the core issue for black Christians – like all Americans – is jobs. “Blacks want to be recognized and not taken advantage of,” Jackson said. “They want politicians to realize there are significant issues of race that still need to be addressed and that jobs and economic opportunity are more important that homosexual marriage.”

When Owens was asked about Jackson’s comments, he said they were “right on.” But the elder civil rights leader said he also takes issue with the homosexual community comparing their desire to change the definition of marriage with the civil rights movement.

“I take great exception to the comparison and it is an insult to me and many others who worked tirelessly to advance social justice for black Americans,” said Owens. “I, along with many others, marched for civil rights. I did not march for homosexual marriage.”

Still, with the all of the controversy surrounding the issue, the question remains if the issue will cause Obama to lose in November.

“I don’t know if it will be a ‘make-or-break’ issue or not,” said Owens. “But this is not good for President Obama.”

A recent Public Policy Polling poll shows that approximately 60 percent of black voters in North Carolina are opposed to same-sex marriage.

Routinely defeated, liberals depend on judicial activism for homosexual marriage

Written By: - May• 16•12

Christian talk radio host and author of We Won’t Get Fooled Again Steve Deace writes,

As popular culture becomes increasingly aggressive in its promotion of homosexuality, and Americans appear to be more de-sensitized to it, both sides of the morality debate have taken that as a sign to mean the American people are poised to affirm it. The Left, as well as the increasingly pro-homosexual leadership of the Republican Party, confidently believe the future is on their side. Those of us who believe neither the Bible nor the Constitution are living, breathing documents believe that history is on ours.

Enter North Carolina.

Last week’s overwhelming vote to affirm marriage in a state President Obama won four years ago, and polls showed he was capable of winning again, has thrown both sides of the debate for a loop. After all, poll after poll also shows the American people are clearly more willing to put up with so-called homosexual marriage than they were a few years ago, so how do you explain the issue of marriage is now 32-0 in every state that has held a statewide referendum on the issue?

In fact, marriage has remained undefeated even when liberal states like Oregon and Maine consider the issue. Exit polling found around 40% of Democrats voted for marriage in North Carolina. On the same day in 2008 when Obama was getting nearly 60% of the popular vote in California and winning Florida, marriage was affirmed by a majority of the very same voters in both states. Despite all the money Obama raised after “coming out” anti-marriage, his poll numbers plummeted. In one 72-hour time span last week, Obama lost 9 points in the daily Rasmussen tracking poll, and the dominant issue during that news cycle was marriage.

How do we reconcile all of this seemingly contradictory data?

We do so by recognizing that what we’re seeing from the American people isn’t a contradiction, but a distinction.

The homosexual movement has done a masterful job of de-stigmatizing those who practice homosexuality as victims of urges they cannot control, but they clearly haven’t been as successful at getting the majority of the American people to affirm those same urges as normal and preferable for society.

The American people have on one hand determined they should not stigmatize those practicing homosexuality more or different than they would those immersed in adultery or pornography with consenting adults—thanks mainly to the case the homosexual movement has made that this is hypocrisy (and I agree it is). And about the worst thing to be in today’s “tolerant” culture is a hypocrite.

On the other hand, the American people clearly are not ready to normalize homosexual relationships to the point of affirmation or on equal footing with marriage itself, which explains the 32 election results on the record we have on the issue. . . .

[W]e are playing offense nationally on this issue for the first time in several years. The Left has realized they will not win this issue anywhere except at the U.S. Supreme Court, and their ultimate gameplan is to create the homosexual equivalent to Roe v. Wade.

Unless we start supporting candidates at the state and federal level who believe in the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” understand what our Founding Fathers meant by terms like “interposition,” and have the courage to stand up to unelected judges who arrogantly think they and not the will of the people ultimately rule in our constitutional republic, the Left may get exactly what it wants—effectively nullifying all 32 elections we’ve won.

The Dangers of The Prosperity Gospel

Written By: - May• 16•12

The Prosperity Gospel is No Gospel at All but it is a False Gospel!!!

The Decline of the Black Church

Written By: - Aug• 11•11

From my observation as a black man growing up in the black church, I believe that one of the major causes for the decline of the “Black Church” is its negligence in faithfully applying the biblical doctrine of Church Discipline. Unfortunately, there are numerous church leaders and members alike that have never even heard the term “Church Discipline,” let alone having a biblical understanding about it.  One of the marks of a true church, according to the reformers of the 16th century, was that a church had to faithfully and properly administer church discipline. I believe they viewed this as a very serious matter because they understood the infectious nature of allowing a “little leaven” to remain in the camp. The Apostle Paul stated it best in 1Corithians 5: 6 “…….a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” In other words, if you allow sin (or a person openly living in sin) to remain among the congregation unchecked it would infect the whole church so much so that this once vibrant church of Christ would become a “Synagogue of Satan.” Was Paul  being unloving when he instructed the church at Corinth to excommunicate a man that was living a lifestyle of fornication. Paul uses even stronger language in 1Corinthian 5 when he says not to even eat with a person, who professes to be saved, but was currently living a lifestyle of fornication, covetousness, idolatry, reviling, drunkenness, or swindling. Many would say that Paul was unloving and judgmental because they don’t have a biblical view of what true love is. The bible says faithful are the wounds of a friend. The highest form of love a parent can show to a child is disciplining them. This is why the scripture says that the Lord chastens whom he loves.  I believe that one of the roles of the church is to be used in the hands of a loving Father to bring correction to his children. This may be one of the reasons why some early church fathers would say if a man does not have the church as his mother he cannot have God as his Father. Is your church displaying this true mark of a “True Church?” Is it lacking this mark and declining into or has already become the “Synagogue of Satan?”   It maybe that God has placed you there to blow the trumpet in Zion to show the people their sin and that God would grant repentance and revival. It was the zeal for his Fathers house that motivated Christ to go chase the money changers out of the temple. The question remains are you zealous enough for the exalting of Christ name and glory to take up this arduous task of Reformation. If so, this site may be a great resource to deliver helpful insight to assist in the much needed Reformation in our land.  (To Be Continued….Stay tuned.)